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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Calling on Your Guardian Angel

When you call on an angel have a goal in mind. You should call from the heart. Your thoughts should be be pure and of trust, love and sincerity. You must believe that your angel will help you with what ever you are trying to do. Your issue is made plain with honor.

Find some quiet time if possible. Relax or mediate if you can. Call on your guardian angel and ask for the guidance or assistance for what you need.

Wait for an answer. Sometimes your answer with come as a sign or a feeling.

Always remember to thank the angel for the help or answer provided.

Remember to walk in the light.
For your angel is always by your side.
To help you, to assist you, to guide you.
Wait for your answer, it is on it's way.
For all things divine are coming to you.

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