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Monday, December 3, 2007

Your Guardian Angel Story

Most of us have experienced a time when we were in need of help and guidance. Have you ever been worried about your relatives and friends, wondered about a loved one during a time of struggle and issues? Have you had an experience in which you needed or saw a guardian angel? If so, please tell us your story, we will be happy to read about it.

I remember there was a fire next door to our home on New Years Eve in 1990. I was watching the New Year's Eve countdown with Dick Clark. My family was asleep. My job that night was to wake them up shortly before midnight for the countdown. I heard a tap, tap, tap on the door, but when I looked out there was no one there. I went to sit back down on the sofa to continue to watch the countdown. But, before I could sit down, something a feeling told me to get up and look out of my house's side window. There were flames were shooting about 20 - 30 feet the neighbor's roof and thick black smoke was everywhere. I immediately woke my family, called the fire department and we rushed out into the snow to see if we could be of help.

We were able to knock on some of our other neighbor’s doors to assure they were safe. We asked our neighbor whose house was on fire a few days later, if they had knocked on our door - they had not.

I believe that night there was surely a divine intervention of our guardian angel and that we were truly blessed.

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