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Monday, January 7, 2008

Different Hierachies of Angels

Christian theology dictates angels having 9 different hierarchies (Order from Highest to Lowest):

1. Seraphim - angels of love, light, and fire: four faces and six wings
2. Cherubim - angels who guard entrances/temples: four faces and four or six wings and many eyes
3. Thrones - stand before the heavenly throne: four faces (lion, ox, eagle, and man) and four wings, and horses' hooves, many eyes
4. Dominations (dominions) - regulate the duties of other angels and manifest the glory of God, carry scepters or orbs
5. Virtues - angels perform miracles on earth and are the chief bestowers of grace and valor
6. Powers - powers keep demons from overthrowing the world, are themselves evil (Esphesians)
7. Principalities - protectors of religion, great nations and great cities on Earth
8. Archangels - messengers bearing divine decrees
9. Angels

Famous Angels

Michael - chief of the virtues as well as the Archangels, connected with repentance, righteousness, mercy, and holiness.

Lucifer - Old Testament is neither evil nor fallen, however Satan - in the New Testament is a disobedient servant who opposes God's will

Gabriel- the angel of annunciation, resurrection, mercy, vengeance, death, and revelation.

Metatron - responsible for sustaining mankind.

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